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Endodontist Near Georgetown, Washington, DC

Endodontist Near Georgetown, Washington, DC

At Ideal Endodontist, we care a great deal about your oral health. Our professional staff is here to assist you with your endodontic needs and provide you with top-quality care. For more information, please contact our office today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 1145 19th Street NW, Suite 314 Washington, DC 20036.

Endodontist Near Me in Georgetown, Washington, DC
Endodontist Near Me in Georgetown, Washington, DC

Table of Contents:

What does an endodontist do besides root canals?
Do I need to be referred to an Endodontist?
What is an endodontist vs dentist?

While dentists are great at treating generalized dental irregularities, sometimes we need a specialist to help us with our complex needs! Just as there are medical professions that specialize in specific bodily complexities, the same applies to dentistry! Endodontists are experts who specialize in the workings of the inner tooth and can apply many more treatments and diagnoses for problems occurring inside the teeth.

What does an endodontist do besides root canals?

While a dentist may perform one or two root canals a week, an endodontist may perform over 25 root canals every week. Although root canals are a common procedure at an endodontist’s office, they span beyond these treatments. Endodontists also perform intentional replantations, repairing injured roots, or removing roots. In general, they specialize in any ailment associated with the tissues inside of the teeth. Dentists often work with endodontists as specialized treatment will give you the best outcome, which will result in faster healing times, better dental formations, and the highest standard of care for all of your dental needs.

Similar to how a cardiologist only deals with disorders of the heart, an endodontist only works with the pulp, or inside tissues, of the teeth. With this specialization, it allows for more accurate diagnostics and overall better results with treatment. While regular dentists are qualified to perform simple root canals, endodontists can provide patients with more treatment options that can restore their teeth for life. Procedures that endodontists can perform but generalized dentists cannot include:

• Cracked teeth treatment
• Diagnosis and treatment of complex root problems
• Tooth replacements
• Consultations for facial trauma patients
• Surgical removal of roots

Do I need to be referred to an Endodontist?

If you are looking for an endodontist, your general or family dentist will often give you a referral. In some cases, you need to go straight to the specialist. You may need a referral to see an endodontist depending on the type of insurance you have or dental problems you are experiencing.

Usually, you need a general dentist to diagnose your dental problems and refer you to a specialist for treatment. A dentist will give you a referral when:

• A toothache turns out to be from an infection of the tooth pulp
• A tooth fracture continues the entire way to the inner tooth
• A root canal is needed before the dentist can do further dental restoration
• A root canal was already performed on the problem tooth
• Your tooth has irregularities like calcium deposits at the tip of the root
• The tooth can only be saved with more complex endodontic surgery

Sometimes, it may be easy to determine that you need the services of an endodontist. If you find yourself in the following situations, you can skip a visit to the general dentist:

• When a tooth with a root canal starts hurting
• When you have a dislodged tooth
• When you experience the symptoms of pulpitis

What is an endodontist vs. dentist?

Every endodontist is a dentist, but only about three percent of dentists are endodontists.

While both dental professionals go to dental school, endodontists attend an additional two or more years of specialized training. Consequently, endodontists have completed more supervised training related to their specialty of diagnosing tooth pain and performing root canal therapy.

If you are experiencing tooth pain or problems related to the inner part of the tooth or have been referred by a dentist, look no further than Ideal Endodontist! Contact our office today to get in touch with a specialist. To book an appointment, contact us or visit us online!


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