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Tooth Pain Treatment in Woodbridge VA

Tooth Pain Treatment Specialist in Woodbridge, VA

We can put an end to the suffering. Receiving dental treatment can help you avoid discomfort and save a tooth. Our dentists provide quality treatments for tooth pain in Woodbridge, VA. Get rid of tooth pain today! Contact us for more information. We are located at 3102 Golansky Blvd, Suite 101, Woodbridge, VA 22192.

Tooth Pain Treatment Specialist Near Me in Woodbridge, VA
Tooth Pain Treatment Specialist Near Me in Woodbridge, VA

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Tooth Pain Treatments
Types of Tooth Injuries 

Are you living in the Woodbridge, VA area and suffering from tooth pain? Come to Ideal Endodontics today and meet with our board-certified professionals. We can evaluate the health of your teeth and have a variety of tooth pain treatments available. There is no need to go day in and day out with any aches and pains in your mouth. Make an appointment today and meet with our experts.

Tooth Pain Treatments

Root Canal

When the pulp, the soft tissue inside a tooth, becomes infected or inflamed, a root canal may be needed. Repeated dental procedures, deep decay, or a tooth that is chipped or cracked can lead to inflammation and infection. If it is left untreated, it can develop into an abscess leading to further pain and other damage to nearby teeth. Some of the signs of needing a root canal include swelling, discoloration of the tooth, tenderness of the lymph nodes, or while chewing, prolonged sensitivity to cold or heat, and pain. There are some cases where there are no overt symptoms.


During this procedure, our endodontist will open the gum tissue near the tooth to see the underlying bone. There, they will remove any infected or inflamed tissue at the very end of the root of the tooth. A small filling may be placed to fill the end of the root canal. Patients will need a few stitches to help the tissue heal properly, and over a few months, the bone will heal around the end of the tooth. 

Types of Tooth Injuries 

Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth present themselves with a variety of different symptoms. It can include erratic pain when chewing, exposure to different temperatures, and even the way you are chewing can cause random pain. In most cases, the pain will come and go, making it hard for a dentist to find the tooth that is the source of
the pain.

Unlike a broken bone, a cracked tooth will not heal, and cracks may continue despite treatment. A crown can help but does not guarantee tooth can be saved. If you feel you have a cracked tooth, it must be treated immediately to preserve its health for as long as possible.

Chipped or Fractured Teeth

If the crown of a tooth is chipped or fractured, it can often be repaired by reattaching the broken piece with a tooth-colored filling. In some cases, an artificial crown or cap must be placed to restore the tooth to normal function. If the damage to the tooth exposes the pulp, a root canal may be needed to treat the tooth to prevent infection and pain.

Dislodged Teeth

A tooth may be pushed sideways, or out of its socket, during an injury. Our endodontist can reposition and stabilize your tooth. However, a root canal is usually needed if this happens with a permanent tooth. Additional medication may be necessary to put inside the tooth during the root canal to ensure the tooth remains healthy.

Knocked-Out Teeth

A tooth can be saved if it is entirely knocked out of your mouth, but time is a factor. You must immediately call the dentist so it can be placed back into your mouth. You can not merely stick it back in there. Place the tooth in milk or a special tooth solution found in drugstores. These solutions will keep the tooth cells alive for several hours while it is placed back into your mouth. Additional treatments may needed to ensure the tooth and the area around it remain healthy.

Root Fractures

A horizontal root fracture can occur during traumatic injuries. The location of this fracture will play a factor in the long-term health of the tooth. The closer it is to the root tip, the higher the chances there are that the tooth will remain healthy. These chances decrease if the fracture is closer to the gum line.

As you can see, we have a variety of tooth pain treatments for your teeth at Ideal Endodontics. Make an appointment today, and let us evaluate your needs! We are conveniently located at 3102 Golansky Blvd, Suite 101 Woodbridge, VA 22192. We serve patients from Woodbridge VA, Lorton VA, Dumfries VA, Springfield VA, Manassas VA, Stafford VA, and surrounding areas.


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